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May 27 2015 Tags: Inspiration, Outsmarting Manet

Beta-testing our Kottura ART (augmented reality tool) app for the past few weeks has been an enlightening experience. The look of fascination, excitement and awe on peoples’ faces when they see the animation on still-art pieces is intense. Could it get anymore exciting than that? Though we’re still learning as we go and making big realizations that this is no easy feat for our small team, we’re constantly experimenting and forcing ourselves to think beyond the box. Our goal is to convey our interpretation of the legend not through storytelling alone, but through imagination triggers that activate your senses and enhance the way you experience art.

We’ll admit, as artists we have creative roadblocks that prevent us from moving forward at times. And we spend many hours trying new things, looking for inspiration, and talking with other creatives tossing ideas back and forth to find concepts that are simple and purposeful. Have we streamlined the process? Not quite. Do we have a process? Yes we do.

For the animation, we design with three things in mind: story, user experience, and creative expression. Designing for the story is simple: we take what is in the story and translate that into the animation. Though it’s a simple step, it’s one of our main fundamentals. People interpret and experience the same things differently. It’s all a matter of perspective. By taking the key points of what’s happening in a scene and breaking them down into their core components, you can extend the storytelling through them. Once these elements are established we add visual effects and/or an audiobed to amplify the experience.

User experience is where the sensory activators come into play. To place you in a specific place at a specific time, we use sight, sound and touch activators. To fully experience a scene, we want you to use your imagination. Sound activators like original music incorporated into each scene is meant to make you feel scared, excited and anxious to find out what will happen next. The visual animation of the artwork magnifies each and every detail of the piece. You’ll be able to see each element deconstructed.

keyframe-timelineFinally, designing for creative expression is our differentiator. This is where we put ourselves  into the piece, customizing the slightest details to make the experience even better. Here and there we need to allow ourselves some “beyond the box” design time; a way to leave our mark and grow as creatives. We become vested in what we do. While we spend most of our time conceptualizing and testing our products, each piece is every bit a part of who we are at Kottura Innovations. We stand by quality and innovation. Our mission to create is not for the sole purpose to make something, but to bring a piece of our rich Chamorro heritage to each of your families.

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