Music: Magical Melodies Bring Back Memories

Mar 31 2015 Tags: Kickstarter, Outsmarting Manet

Music is a very powerful art form. It can transform and transcend the times. Music has the power to elevate you; to bring you back to a time of childhood memories; to uplift your spirit and travel back in time to experience an era you’ve only heard about. This is the approach we’re taking to create a unique and distinct sound package for Outsmarting Manet. We want to create a timeless unforgettable experience for kids and families to share as they navigate through the story. By incorporating music and sound effects, it enhances the reading experience as the readers weave through the highs and lows of the story.

We’ve studied music styles from a range of different Chamorro musicians to gather some inspiration to create a few original audio samples to include in this project. These samples reflect a time of our own experiences growing up on Guam from spending summer days at the ranch, to weekends fishing at Marbo Cave. We recognize the music of the Marianas has evolved through time with influence from a variety of sounds such as Spanish rhythms, country, blues, jazz, and rock to name a few. For this project, we want to create a unique sound that embodies the traditional sounds of the first generations of recorded Chamorro artists and the antigo’ (ancient) artform of chanting.

We hope you all enjoy our initial sound ideas. We will continue to upload new pieces as the sound evolves. Tell us what you think!

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