Think Outside the Box to Refine the Process

Jun 13 2016 Tags: Communnity, Inspiration

It’s mid part of 2016, and we’re assessing our top goals and priorities for the rest of the year. Some might think we’re a little late in the game, but creativity is evolutionary and there are no rules nor is there a set timeframe for making renewed commitments to get refocused to carry out our mission. Our business is a living, breathing entity and anything can happen at any time that will propel or sink it and we have to be prepared and willing to adapt.

A lot has changed for us at Kottura, most especially in our approach and the way we create experiences. We’re focused on improving our process and spending more time crafting one of a kind immersive experiences. In addition to improving the process, we’ve become an even stronger cohesive creative unit. It took us some time to recognize where our skills would best be utilized. We took the time to get familiar and participated in each stage of development so we’re aware of the time and effort it takes for each project from concept to development. It took us some time to identify our core elements after experimenting with different approaches to see what works and what doesn’t jive with our vision. 

Our Promise – Finding Inspiration in our Communities 

It has been a transformative experience for us and we’ve spent lots of time exploring and experimenting with different types of technology and seeing how this integration will continue to build upon the experiences we’ve created. We realize the root of what makes our products unique lies within our formula: STORYTELLING + TECHNOLOGY = EXPERIENCE.

This is our promise, and what you can expect to see from us moving forward. There is power in storytelling; everyone has a story and people are eager to listen and share their stories. By putting story development at the center of our approach, we use different tech tools as an added dimension to enhance how you experience the story. From books, to apps, interactive apparel, game mechanics, and interactivity we can really focus on building upon each of those experiences and offer multiple options to our customers. Though technology is taking center stage and influencing much of how we function in our daily lives, we also don’t want to lose our human connections. If culture is at the heart of everything we do, why segregate those experiences?

What to Expect 

We have made refocused efforts to work more closely with community partners,  and we’re excited to be able to work with new faces and fresh talent. We’re always looking for ways to expand our reach to open our minds to all types of possibilities. We have lots of great things to come this year with the release of our very first mobile game, “Go Manet Go” (now available in the App Store and will be available for Android OS in July 2016) and we’re working on our second intGMG-blog posteractive legend series, “Hayi Mas Metgot? The Tale of Malaguana & Gadao.”

From now until the end of June, we’ll be running weekly updates of some behind the scenes footage of the making of Malaguana & Gadao to include some ultra exclusive interviews with the entire creative team behind this epic project. We released the first half of this animated comic during FestPac to share with our brothers and sisters of Oceania, and the feedback was incredible. Lots of great things in the making for this legend including a mobile game we are currently conceptualizing for development which we anticipate to have ready by December 2016.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled folks. Plans are laid out for us and the bar is set even higher than before. We’re continuously on the move to create legendary content for you. The stories we have right here in the Marianas are amazing and we plan to uncover each and every one of them in our quest to make the history of our beautiful people a living and breathing part of our lives.




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