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Born over family meals, family gatherings, weekend trips spent with family, and while reading bed time stories to little kids, Kottura Innovations started as an idea between a dynamic husband and wife duo passionate of the one thing that bonds them together: culture. See, things start to become clearer when you have kids of your own. As a parent you become more conscious of the things around your child; from the books they read, the games they play, the music they listen to, what foods they eat, what shows they watch, the clothes they wear, what language they'll speak. You want your child to be well-rounded, to KNOW who they are, and to be proud of where they come from. As young parents ourselves, these are the realities we face. We have key values we teach our children everyday, most of which are influenced by our Chamorro values and traditions. We teach them what we know, and we only hope the lessons and values we instill in them will serve as the foundation that keeps them rooted in understanding and valuing who they are.

While our spin may be a modern twist on Chamorro legends, stories and concepts, we see the value in utilizing technology to reach and engage kids and families. By taking a written story and infusing a variety of media elements such as music, narration, and animation we can provide a much bigger experience that will enlighten your imagination. We value the time we spend with our children, most especially in this technologically advanced world we live in. Reading stories with them and seeing their faces light up when we get to funny parts or being able to talk them through stories, allows us to interact with our kids on a much deeper level. Stories are valuable resources that link us to the past and teach us life lessons. That's what we do at Kottura Innovations. We create things that embody the essence of who we are. Rather than lose our children to the digital age that is upon us, we want to be at the helm of the movement and use these tools as a way to engage, interact and connect with our kids.

Everything we create: every story, every piece of artwork, every sound, every visual animation is packed with meaning and emotion. Our kids see us working through the process and even give us tips and ideas of things they'd like to make things more fun. At Kottura Innovations we don't create things just for the sake of creating interactivity. We want to elevate and perpetuate the very center of who we are as parents and as Chamorros. Children need to see and understand the value of learning about culture, heritage, language, art, customs and traditions because it's the one thing that differentiates us and unites us. Whether you're a parent, a grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or family friend, take the time to teach and learn from one another, or make it even better by learning together. It takes a village to raise a child. Imagine if that one child, through teachings and experience could change society.


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