Manet Magic: Taking a Second Look at what Just Happened

Jun 13 2015 Tags: Outsmarting Manet

Its been a little over a year since we started this journey to developing one of Guam’s first interactive Chamorro legend series. The project itself has evolved since conception from storyboarding, character development, illustrations, original music and animation. How we ever envisioned this massive project could be wrapped up in a span of months, was pretty ambitious maybe more unrealistic, but we’re still here chugging forward. The biggest challenge we’ve had since we started this was getting people to understand the technology behind the overall concept. The words “augmented reality” are packed with lots of techy unknowns for those not familiar with it. We’ve spent a few weeks wording and rewording what it means to help simplify things and help ourselves and others better understand what augmented reality is.

We noticed rather than tell people about it, we had to let people experience it for themselves. Its been one of the most effective routes we’ve ever taken to let people use their own devices to interact with the art and help build awareness of what this technology can really do to elevate how we learn about Chamorro culture. To some, an augmented reality art show is something they’ve only heard about. But to have something of its kind here on island for people to physically go to see the artwork in the flesh and then find out there are other levels of multimedia embedded within, is just amazing.

KISH with Senora Rosalin Cruz Koss


The morning of the exhibit, we were invited by some of the island’s best radio show hosts to come in and talk more about the event and what to expect. A big thank you to Senora Rosalin Cruz Koss and her crew at KISH 102.9FM for having us bright and early with their breathtaking view of Apra Harbor from the studio. (Can we setup an office in your studio J?) Senora Rosalin has been one of our most recent advocates; she loved the project so much that she offered to do the Chamorro narration for the story! The best part was seeing her inner kid come out when she used the app and tried it out on one of the art pieces we brought with us. She loved it so much she took us around to let her crew demo it. Their expressions were priceless! Thank you Senora Rosalin for continuing to support us and for coming out to the expo with your beautiful grandbaby so she could experience the magic too.

K57 with Phill Leon Guerrero

Our afternoon adventure was spent with a fun interview with our great friend Phill Leon Guerrero from K57. Phill always has great insight and he pushes us to think outside the box of where else our talents can be used in collaboration with the community. Thanks Philly for having us aka “#Kanegel” on your show. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and advocating for ways we can expand.

KUAM and Joanie Charfauros & Isa Baza

It’s like something out of a Harry Potter movie – Kottura Innovations takes still print art pieces and animates them using an application on your mobile device, making the artwork fun, and interactive.

Posted by KUAM News on Thursday, June 11, 2015

We kicked off the art expo with a nice visit from our friends at KUAM. A big thank you to Joanie Charfauros and Isa Baza for spreading the word and giving us the opportunity to showcase our semi-final product for KUAM’s Tech This Out segment. To be compared to Harry Potter? So fun! Totally brought us to the scenes where the newspapers around town were animating. The KUAM piece has already been viewed over 2,000 times. The best part of the segment were the shots of the Kottura ART app and how people can find and download it. Thank you KUAM for helping us reach our Guamanians off-island and to help us spread the word to our local community.

As we prep this post, we continue to see our content being shared in multiple social channels. Though we come from a small island, our people have so much pride and love for the culture. Seeing all this support from everyone fuels our passion and commitment to continue to bring you innovative ways to experience our most precious commodity, CULTURE! If you’re not on island, we have a special online art exhibit exclusively for you to experience the Manet Magic for yourself. Download the Kottura ART app on your Apple or Android device and get ready to see culture come to life.

Si Yu’os Ma’ase todos hamyo para I supoti’! Saina Ma’ase.

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