Prutehi I Lengguahi – A Chamorro Language Lesson

Jul 02 2015 Tags: Outsmarting Manet

A little language primer! It’s a new day and we’re brushing up on our Chamorro reading skills. Enunciations can be tricky, but if you keep practicing, you’ll get it to sound just right. Taken straight from the first pages of our book, “Outsmarting Manet,” here’s a quick snippet for you to practice with. Remember, practice makes perfect! Keep it up Guam!

Gi Fino Chamorro:

Åpman tåtte gi tiempon ansiånu giya Pågu, guaha un familian Chamoru. Gi entre este siha na familia guaha manmataknga na gereru, manfåyen peskadot,mangapås na lancheros , yan manmetgot na famalao’an siha.

Gi Fino Ingles:

Many years ago in the ancient village of Pago, there lived a clan of Chamorros. There were brave warriors, fishermen, farmers, and strong women.

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