July Update. How Did You Spend Liberation?

Jul 22 2014 Tags: Kickstarter, Outsmarting Manet

Hope everyone had a nice rejuvenating Liberation Day Weekend. As of today we wanted to share a couple project updates with you to keep you informed of what’s been going on.

Coming into this project we didn’t think it would be so difficult to write a children’s book. We had a good first draft, but after reading it, it wasn’t the direction we wanted to go. We rewrote the story at least four times and with the help and guidance of one of our cultural advisors we now have a solid children’s story. We read it to our kids and they really liked it and we hope that when the project is done, your children will enjoy it as well.


Next stage: DRAWING!!

We are working with Tanya Robinson an up and coming local artist. She has illustrated a few local kids books including the fun story of The Mangge` Manhoben. Tanya’s art style is an infusion of traditional and digital works. Stay tuned for our next update; there you’ll catch a sneak peak of a few scenes and maybe get to see a little bit of Manet in the flesh.

Have a great week! We’ll be in touch.

Un Dangkulu Na’ Si Yu’us Ma’ase

Si Ken yan Angel


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